Thursday, February 6, 2014

Future of Sleep Technology

The growing list of capabilities attributable to technological devices is growing at an exponential rate. Recently, health tracking apps have become very popular. There are many different ways in which apps can track you health, whether it be by tracking the amount of food you have eaten in a day, the amount of steps you have taken in a day or the amount of calories that you have burned in a day. These are all interesting app types, however, the sleep monitoring app gene has remained relatively undeveloped, until now.

Over the past two years there has been a rush, amongst technology start-ups, to develop sleep tracking apps. Sleep Matters has mentioned in the past post popular devices that monitor sleep, with both SleepRate and Aura by Withings being the examples. So, as a result this trend has inspired us to show you some of the coolest devices,currently on the market, that are able to track your sleep. 


Up by Jawbone is a device that you wear around your wrist. As it is located on your wrist, it uses your heartbeat to monitor your sleeping patterns. This device has capability to both monitoring when you toss and turn in your sleep, and while also detecting the length of you time you spend in different stages of sleep. After a night of sleep you will check the mobile based app, and then you can attempt to pinpoint what is effecting your sleep negatively. It is easy to use, and all you must do is wear it on the wrist. Up by Jawbone costs $130.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an interesting app. It does not require you to put anything on your body. All you must to do is download the app and put you IPhone onto your mattress before going to sleep. The app uses the accelormeter within you mobile device to track when you transition between different stages of sleep.

Studies show that the movements you make in your sleep are correlated with transitions between sleep stages. If you are looking for an app that does not require you to wear anything, go with Sleep Cycle. However, take into consideration that an app such as this will not be as accurate as an app that requires you to wear something on your person. The best part of Sleep Cycle is that it is FREE! 

Sleep Bot

Sleep Bot is very similar to Sleep Cycle, however, it is only offered for Android phones. Sleep Bot has a leg up on Sleep Cycle, though, because it is capable of monitoring sound. The apps ability to
track the sound of its surroundings while you are sleeping
enables it to tell you if and when you were snoring. It can also
diagnose you with Sleep Apnea, a diagnosis which would be
based upon the patterns of you breathing as well as your snoring.

The app is has the ability to make recommendations based upon the data it collects while you are sleeping. You can then, based upon the recommendations it makes, turn off a fan that may have caused you wake up during a cycle of light sleep. If you are an Iphone user and are starting to like the sound of the app, sorry but the Sleep Bot app is only available for Android users. This app does have more features than Sleep Cycle, the most popular of which is its sound tracking, a highly rated feature of the app amongst its users. Sleep cost comes at a price of free.99. 

Which sleep tracking device do you like best?
Aura by Withings
Sleep Cycle
Sleep Bot
Jawbone UP
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